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A Florida Timeline: the early years.
If we are attempting a timeline of the history of Florida we have to begin 12000 years ago (yes, really) This is the time when what is now known as the Native American inhabited this lovely State. 12000 B. C. It is believed that this...
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Irlo Bronson: who was he?
I am sure most of you will have travelled the Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway and wondered who Irlo was; well I decided to find out and now I can tell you. Irlo was born in 1900 to George and Spicey (yes, really) Bronson who were a well res...
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The State Nicknames Part 16 – New York
Next time you are in Florida, take a look at the state license plates on cars. They are fascinating, and each one highlights aspects of the states which are important from a historical, political, geographical or economic perspective. New...
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Greater Orlando.....a history.
During the time of the Seminole Wars, the United States Army built Fort Gatlin on what would eventually become Orlando. This was in 1838 and its position was somewhat south of Orlando City. A family called Jernigan moved into ...
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Weeki Wachee...from boom to bust.
Weeki Wachee Springs was named by the Native Americans known as the Seminoles. It means winding river. No wonder the Seminoles chose to settle here with its endless oportunities to fish and hunt. They lived happily here until the coming o...
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Gatorland from the forties to the present day.
Gatorland was a long time from inception in Frank Godwins back garden to the beginnings of the park as we know it today but by 1962 Frank had travelled the world in search of an exotic addition to his park and he came back with some zebras. <...
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Orange County History Centre
The 2 names that have been given to this part of the State reflect visitors’ impression and the commodity that gave it the initial wealth. Originally called Mosquito County -early settlers named it because of the mosquitoes in the area Mosquito Count...
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The Cracker people of Florida.
When you visit Florida, you are sure to wonder about Cracker homes and Cracker people mentioned. Well, what are they? Cracker people were the true pioneers of Florida, self reliant and resourceful. They spoke in a patois of Ol...
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The State Nicknames Part 4
In the USA, each state has a different license plate, and on this is a state motto or nickname. They provide a fascinating insight into the state’s history, people or animals. Here are some more of these state nicknames, for Florida, Georgia, Hawaii,...
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