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An Evening visit to the Flower and Garden Festival
We love visiting Epcot and although we only had a few hours to spare on the last night of our holiday we decided to spend those hours visiting their Flower and Garden Festival which we had not managed to go to on that particular holiday.
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A glimpse at Epcot theme park
EPCOT was opened in 1st Oct 1982. This park is divided into two sections, Future World and World Showcase. This offers visitors a look into technology. It presents a vision of tomorrow’s world - today and to celebrate the cultures of the World’s nati...
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China Pavilion - Epcot
After a long day at Magic Kingdom mostly spent in Fantasyland we decided to spend a few evening hours at Epcot where we had parked our car at the beginning of the day. When we went to get the Monorail back to the Transportation Centre it had temporar...
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Scotland in the food festival.
There is good news at Epcot for the Brits and even better for the Scots. For the first time ever this year, Scotland have been added to the exhibitors at The Food and Wine Festival. There will be a lot of Scottish whisky offered (of c...
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Epcot - a theme park for adults and children Part1
Epcot a theme park for adults and children Part1 Epcot has to be my favourite park out of all the Disney Florida parks, although Magic kingdom has that something magical making it a special place, the park I like visiting best is Epcot Viewed 5035 times since 20 September 2012.

Florida Guide – Epcot – Morocco Pavilion
As if transported by a magic flying carpet, the Morocco Pavilion sweeps you away to a far away and exotic land full of exciting new sights and sounds. Disney were actually assisted in the design for the pavilion by the Moroccan government and the res...
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Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2012
Epcot’s Annual Flower and Garden Festival 2012 I went to take a sneak preview at the 2012 Annual International Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot, just before it officially opened This is the first time that my stay had coincide...
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Epcot's Miniature Railway Train Garden
Disney put on certain events at quieter times of the year to attract more guests to EPCOT. The major two are the Food and Wine Festival in the fall and the Garden Festival in the spring. While many of the popular things do appear for many years they ...
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Ride Guide - Turtle Talk with Crush
Ride Guide – Turtle Talk with Crush Definitely more of a show or attraction than a ride, however, still worth a guide of its own. Turtle Talk with Crush is part of the “The Seas with Nemo & Friends” pavilion at Epcot and really worth t...
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Christmas at Epcot – You need to book early
If you wish to see Orlando at Christmas you will need to book early as these weeks get booked up way in advance. If you are planning a holiday over or near the Christmas period, do go and see the Walt Disney World, Epcot Theme Park. There t...
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Epcot World Showcase - United Kingdom
It may be my imagination, being British, but the United Kingdom Pavilion always seems to be one of the busiest areas of the Epcot World Showcase. We haven' t lived in the UK for over 20 years so for us personally, it' s great to be able to take a tri...
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Mitsukoshi Restaurant – Epcot
I must admit to liking my food and enjoy trying new culinary dishes from around the world be they hot and spicy, different textures or simply cooked by a different method. Unfortunately the same can’t be said of my wife. Her stomach, to s...
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Soarin Pt 2 The ride experience.
When the ride begins keep your eyes to the front and you cannot fail to be impressed as your hang glider takes to the air. You will soar over the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco before heading through the Giant Redwoods and off to th...
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Soarin Pt 1 Preparing to ride
Epcot’s newest attraction, Soarin’, opened in May 2005 but is still hugely popular and attracts large numbers of visitors to it’s location inside The Land pavilion. There is always a line for this ride, even early in the day there is often in excess ...
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Universe of Energy at Epcot
The Universe of Energy can be found in Future World at Epcot. To locate it just walk to left of Spaceship Earth, turn left at the fountains and then left again. The pavilion opened on October 1st 1982 and contains just the one attraction. This attrac...
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The World Show Case - Epcot
Epcot is one of my favourite parks but the world showcase sometimes gets overlooked. First, remember to wear your most comfortable shoes, you will be doing a lot of walking, especially around the world showcase. Plan to spend quite a few hour...
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Toddlers at Epcot
If you are visiting Epcot with a toddler it is a very big park and you may need to think about making two visits here if you intend to go around World Showcase. The first visit I would go to the Innoventions area. At the Living Seas you can see ' Nem...
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Test Track
Test Track at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT is an awesome ride and definitely recommended. Replacing the World of Motion, the attraction was scheduled to open in May 1997, and then again in August 1998, but the complexity of the computer systems ...
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Canada Pavilion - EPCOT
Just a few years ago we had been fortunate enough to enjoy a holiday on the west coast of Canada taking in the delights of Vancouver Island and the wonderful scenery of British Columbia and Alberta. So, I guess that had some bearing on our de...
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Around the World on a Segway - Epcot
I had not even heard of a Segway although I had seen them not knowing what they were! However some friends of my brothers had taken this tour and had really recommended that we go on it. Children must be over 16 years so we left the girls with Grandd...
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