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Boggy Creek Air Boat Rides
Why not try a different thrill ride, Boggy Creek airboat rides are at Boggy creek you get there by going down hyway192 into Saint Cloud the airboat rides are sign posted from there and are easy to find. You can pre purchase tickets fr...
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Silver Spurs Rodeo (3)
If you are lucky enough to be in Orlando in either February (as we were) and want to try something completely different, then you may like to don your cowboy hat, pull on your cowboy boots and head off to the Silver Spurs Rodeo in Kissimmee to sample...
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Gatorland - A Great Half Day Out
Alligators! Is there anyone who doesn’t find these scaly, prehistoric looking creatures from the deep fascinating? Most people and I include myself as one of them just cannot get enough of them. If you stay in a villa ...
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Hot Air Balloon Flights
As we all know, Florida is famous for its many attractions and theme parks, but one of the fewer known activities is a hot air balloon flight. We have flown in a hot air balloon on 3 occasions now and each flight has been completely different ...
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If the adults and teenagers in you party want to enjoy a good evening’s entertainment a visit to Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner show will provide this. We also took a quite a mature 10 year old who also enjoyed it. Sleuths is situated in the Goodi...
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