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We were halfway through our 2 weeks holiday when we decided we would spend a day at the Hollywood Studios.

As with all the Disney Parks arrive early and avoid the queues by buying your tickets in advance, we made sure we got there shortly after the park opened. Once inside the first thing you should make sure you do is grab a free guide of the park detailing timing of shows and where they can be found in the park. It is important that you make a plan of your day to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the shows you and your family want to see, also when planning your day make sure you leave a space to see the parade if that is what you want to do. At this stage of your day, as with all the Disney Parks it is also worth working out where to use your fast pass.

We were on a family holiday with small children, aged 2 –7, plus a friend. At the request of the children the first shows we planned to take in were Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid, meanwhile we used our fast pass to book into the Muppet show.

The Beauty and the Beast is a 20 minute live performance and was great fun, its fair to say the kids loved every second of it.

Next we moved onto the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, the songs were great starting with “under the Sea”, and this was very cleverly done with a mixture of puppets and real people.

By the time this show finished we were able to move over to The Muppet Show, jumping to the front of the queue using our fast pass. I must say for myself personally this was the highlight of the day, my friend also commented that he thought it was brilliant. First you enter a small room where there are television’s all around with a programme showing the Muppets getting ready for the show, just standing there watching Kermit, Fozzy Bear, Gonzo and Miss Piggy really took me back to my childhood, I think its fair to say at this point we had more adults laughing than children. However this does not mean it’s not a good one for the young children as well, as we were led into the auditorium we were handed a pair of 3-D glasses and the show and the effects were fantastic. My youngest child who was only 2 years old at the time thought the show and the way the characters appeared to be heading towards him was brilliant.

After this we decided to grab some chips from one of the many food outlets available and head off to watch the parade. Like all of the Disney parks if you want to watch the parade then it pays to find your space on the route early, unfortunately due to the fact we wanted to squeeze in as many shows as possible we cut it too fine and initially had to lift the kids up onto our shoulders for them to see, however as the show progressed they managed to squeeze down the front to sit and watch. The parade comprised of various characters riding past in their cars, a good opportunity for a photo you would think but it was at this point I remembered my adventure at Seaworld where whilst feeding the stingray I decided to enhance their diet by feeding them my camera. To be honest in comparison to the parades in the Magic Kingdom, the Hollywood Studios parade overall was rather disappointing.

We ended our time at Hollywood Studios by taking in one of the adventure rides, we decided on Star Tours where you get strapped into a seat, and with the aid of a moving floor and big screen gives you the impression you are cruising through space on a Star Wars adventure. The ride was fantastic but not suitable for my 2 youngest children, however again as with all the Disney Parks we were able to do a parent swap where 1 adults waits with the small children and afterwards can swap with another adult, in this case my wife swapped with my friend and this allowed my eldest daughter and myself to ride twice.

There were many things we did not get a chance to do like play Who Wants to be a Millionaire? And Twilight Zone Tower of Terror you can hear the screams as you walk around the park…..need to find some courage first.

To end our day we moved over to the Magic Kingdom to watch the night parade before heading home after a very tiring but thoroughly enjoyable day.

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