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Not having too much knowledge about this tour at the Magic Kingdom we didn’t know what to expect but did know it was about 2 hours long and you met a character at the end, so we booked it about 7 days in advance.

We turned up about 10 minutes before start time and you are given a name badge that you can keep which the kids loved and they offer you some ice water, we took this as it was a hot day and it was very soon welcome. There were less than 20 on our tour and if you don’t get there on time, they will carry on without you so as not to upset the prompter guests.

Our Cast Member was a young girl and she told us it would be scavenger hunt and we would be looking for certain items. Just then another CM walked up. They staged a “oh there’s phone call for you trick” and when she returned she looked very concerned, and said that no-one had been on the line but when she’d walked away she had her hair tugged and it turned out to be Tinkerbell and she was not happy – the kids faces lit up to think she had spoken to Tinkerbell! Apparently Peter Pan had stolen Captain Hook’s hook and he was furious and we needed to find the hook to stop Captain Hook wreaking havoc at Magic Kingdom! He’d already wrecked Alien Encounter and they’d had to shut it!!

We had to find lots of things in the garden that turned out to be clues and some Magic Mickey Dust that would make us brave. We had to fly at times through the park, yes we did get funny looks from other visitors but not as many as when we hopped through the park trying to solve the mystery!

One clue took us to the Indy Raceway. Of course we couldn't just walk there either, we had to hop, skip and jump – the kids loved it but it nearly killed us! According to the clue we had to find Sonny Eclipse who was at Cosmic Rays so we had to giant leaps to there!  The CM explained to a waiter what we were doing and asked if he knew where we could find Sonny Eclipse. He was usually in the restaurant APPARENTLY but he had gone, so our CM looked terrified to think Captain Hook had kidnapped him!  She told the kids to search the restaurant, the kids quickly dropped to their hands and knees and began crawling.

Our next clue led us up the path to the Wishing Well beside the Castle where we had to find Cinderella – we did! The CM knew all the short cuts around the park and the kids just felt so special.

Next to Adventureland then Frontierland – we had to find a tree with a lantern on which held Tinkerbell – we found it but the lantern was open and empty – the kids screamed she had escaped. Peter Pan and Wendy appeared just then and there was the hook in Peter Pan’s belt!! Peter Pan was fantastic with the children.

He then said as we had worked so hard, we were off to see Philharmagic as his guests! They walked holding the children’s hands through the park, passed it’s a Small World so we all had to sing the song! They even stood in the Fastpass queue with us and told the children stories as we waited. They sat with us in the front row and it was funny watching people trying to work out what was going having characters watching the show.

This unfortunately was the end but we were all given certificates signed by Peter and Wendy and Cinderella!  This is a fantastic experience.

$25 each is well worth the money but you must book this in advance and know a bit of Disney trivia to help solve the clues.

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