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When you see the visitors pouring through the gates of the theme parks in Orlando, do you ever wonder how many visitors each park attracts in a year?

Well I certainly have and I made it my business to find out and I would like to share it with you.

You will not need 3 guesses to decide which was the Worlds' most popular park. I can hear you all hollering The Magic Kingdom at W. D. W and you would be right. Want to guess at the numbers? Well, I can tell you that in 2011, 17, 142, 000 of us walked through its gates. That is up by 1% on the previous year.

The next placed Orlando park is Epcot, which may surprise you (though, in my opinion, well deserved! )

They came in at number 6 and the visitor numbers were 10, 825, 000. This is almost exactly the same amount as in 2010.

I love Animal Kingdom and that park grabs 7th place with 9, 783, 000. This is close to the figures it returned in 2010.

Hollywood Studios is snapping at A. K. s heels with 9, 699, 000 which gives it 8th place.

Now Universal gets a look in but not with the original park. So it has to be Islands of Adventure with 10th place and 7, 674, 000. That is close to 2 million more than visited in 2010 and the answer to that dramatic increase is just 2 words; Harry Potter.

The original Universal Studios is some way behind it' s sister and is around a million fewer visits at 6, 044, 000. That figure is a little up on the previous year.

Seaworld comes in at a respectable 18th place with 5, 202, 000 and the last placed is Busch Gardens with 4, 284, 000 and 23rd place. Considering that it requires more effort to visit this park all the way over in Tampa I think they deserve a pat on the back.

So what of the rest of the World; here are some random placings:

The original Disneyland California took 2nd place (impressive til you realise that it is only one park against Orlandos 4! ) Tokyo Disneyland came in at 3 and Tokyo Disney Sea took 4th place.

Disneyland Paris just got 5th place (again, only one park) and Universal Japan came in at 9. 11th place is taken by Lottes World in Seoul and 12th is Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

Only 3 of the top 30 parks lost visitor numbers last year and none of these were the Orlando parks. Both Disney parks in Japan were down significantly and Everland in Korea lost a similar amount at 4. 5.

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