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Magic Kingdom is one of the most popular parks in Florida. The Magic of Disney is one of the main attractions why many people come back year after year to see Mickey and his friends. Disney offer many opportunities to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofey and the other members of the gang, some are during the daily shows or photo opportunities, some are personal greetings via breakfast and diner meetings. With the meetings being popular and cost extra, most people tend to look to the free photo opportunities.

One way to get a personal photo opportunity is to queue up at Mickey’s house. Mickey can be found at the house most times of the day and if you are prepared to wait you really can get some great photos. These visits in Mickey’s house are very personal and you are allowed to take your own camera inside or use the photo facility provided by Disney. I would say take your own camera and also use the photo facility just in case you don’t get a very good shot on your camera. It is free service and you only pay if you want to buy the picture.

As you enter the house you walk through the gardens and this forms part of the queue. There is plenty to see for the young children. You walk through Mickeys house, visiting his bedroom, kitchen and lounge area. As per most Disney attractions they have really thought of everything and leave no stone unturned.

When you get to the end of the queue you are greeted by the friendly Disney staff. From here you are then ushered into a room where you are greeted by Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You are allowed around 2 minutes in the room, which is plenty for the children to have a chat and a photo to be taken. If you have your own camera, now is a good time to ask the assistant to take one for you, they normally do this right at the end of the visit.

Most people don’t know about the Mickeys house and it can sometimes go unnoticed. The best time to go is normally first thing in the morning and the last half an hour of the day. During peak times the house does get busy. Throughput is not as quick as you might expect as there is only one room where Mickey and Minnie stay, so if you average one family per 2 minutes, you can see it can take a while to get through.

Overall a very good attraction for the Children and something well worth a visit if you are visiting Magic Kingdom.

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