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Well the ‘write-ups’ were pretty scary, and I must admit I had second thoughts about sampling its ‘pleasures’, but in August I was foolish, or foolhardy enough to be dragged screaming by my son to the Revenge of the Mummy – The Ride. Well, not exactly ‘screaming’ I was very brave really, considering what I’d already read about it. The phrases ‘utter darkness’, ‘blinding speed’ and ‘gut churning motion’ had made this avoider-of-anything-resembling-a-roller-coaster pretty nervous, even before I entered its eerie chamber.

I wasn’t too worried by the skin crawling horror – it’s not REAL, after all, but ‘immortal terror with no way out’ was somewhat off-putting. I have only been on one other roller coaster, Space Mountain, which utterly terrified me, and left me frantically clinging to the safety bar throughout, eyes tight shut and praying frantically that it would stop, so I must admit that I entered the building with trepidation, and stood on the stairs leading upwards to my date with terror, wondering what on earth I was doing at my age. Luckily we had an ‘Express Pass’ so the agony of waiting was short, and I had little time to change my mind. However, trying not to seen as pathetic in front of my son, I bravely got into the seat, with fingers crossed.

Well how was it you are asking? To be honest, the first time I really could not tell you, I kept my eyes firmly shut and just concentrated on staying in one piece. I can say that it was very short, and that disappointed Andrew. I was grateful. So you won’t believe that later that day I decided to do it again. This time I was determined to open my eyes – just a little. So was it any better? No, I just saw more – the beetles were not at all scary – I was hoping that they would crawl all over us. I didn’t like the roller coaster bits – but then I never have – but at least I managed to do it without too many screams of terror. The best bit for me was probably the fireballs which were really hot. As for my son, he lapped it up, said it was too short, and compared to some roller coasters, not scary enough! So don’t take any notice of me – DO go and try it – if you like roller coasters it may seem a bit tame as its so short, but I would certainly have another go on it next time – I think!

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