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I have been on all the 3-D rides in Walt Disney World and thoroughly enjoy them and so was intrigued by the thought of a 4-D ride and couldn’t wait to try it out on our next visit to Universal Studios. Also, an added bonus was that I just love the Shrek films.

Shrek 4-D is basically a 3-D film (you will be given special glasses called Ogre-Vision glasses as you enter) but with an extra dimension of special effects added to it. This consists of a motion simulator where you will actually feel all of the action whilst sitting in your seat, and I do mean “feel the action”. If there is a bump in the road, you are definitely going to feel it! ! Your seat becomes part of the 4-D experience. The adventure begins where the first Shrek movie ended but before the sequel begins.

There are no height restrictions for this ride but if you suffer from motion sickness, there are special seats available which are stationary. The pre-show lasts approximately six minutes and takes place in the torture chamber. Look for the three sets of eyes staring out from the crates, these are the three little pigs and also for Pinocchio’s nose which has been imprisoned. Listen carefully as one of Lord Farquaad’s henchman advises guests about the rules of the theatre, should you fall foul of any of these rules you could be in for a flogging! Guests are then ushered into the theatre to begin their adventure.

This is when you don the Ogre-Vision glasses, sit in your specially designed seat and are taken into the fairy tale world of Duloc. Shrek and his new bride, Princess Fiona, together with Donkey set off for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, the evil Lord Farquaad shows up to cut short their honeymoon and kidnap Fiona. You will then find yourself involved in a string of events including fire-breathing dragons, aerial dog fighting and a vertical drop down a thousand foot waterfall.

The seats are able to move in both a vertical and horizontal direction and have pneumatic air propulsion and water spray nodules, so you can expect to get wet! And do watch out for those spiders. Why did it have to be spiders?

Don’t worry about the location of your seat, as you will be able to see everything no matter where you are seated. However for the best view, sitting in the centre of a row is preferable.

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