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There are 2 new exhibitions in town to tempt you away from the frenetic pace of the wonderful theme parks.

First, a little about the venue; this is run by E. M. S and is a flexible space that can host all sorts of events and exhibitions.

This is known as 7220IDRIVE. COM

Currently and for the foreseeable future it is hosting shows of interest to space and crime fans. Namely Star Trek and C. S. I.

Let us start with Star Trek; this exhibition boasts the largest and most extensive selection of artifacts and memerobilia from all 5 of the T. V. series and all 10 movies.

The show covers 10. 000 square feet and you will be able to view the Scorpion ship from Nemesis, sit in Captain Kirks chair and explore the U. S. S. Enterprise and the original bridge. What a thrill for Star Trek fans!

Now on to the C. S. I. Exhibition

This is of course based on the popular T. V. show of the same name and covers 12, 000 square feet.

Here you will be able to play the part of a scene of crime investigator using their crime scene recreations.

You can wander into their labs and explore the use of toxicology, forensic medicine and anthropology.

There are literally thousands of props and special effects to add to your enjoyment. However, it has to be said that this is almost an educational experience and there is little fun to be had.

When we did a murder mystery weekend in England the victims were part of the guests until they were found dead and they were real people whereas here they are (realistic) dummies.

There is a C. S. I. exhibition also being run in Miami so it is obviously proving a popular attraction. .

These tandem exhibitions are at

7220 International Drive

Tel 407 226 7220

72201IDRIVE. COM is adjacent to Titanic, The Experience if that makes it easier to find.

Admission costs $15. 95 per child and $18. 95 per adult.

A combo ticket for both shows is on offer and that costs $29 95 per adult and $18. 95 per child. As in most cases in Florida, a child becomes an adult rather sooner than you might hope and in this case it is at 12 years old.

And just a word of warning; if you saw a Star Trek exhibition at the space center last year then this is the very same one so do not waste your money! You can, of course, just visit C. S. I. on its own.

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