Starting my walk though the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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As you walk under a cement archway, you can see a small village with buildings nearly identical to one another. Pointy roofs, snow on top - obviously not real snow as the Florida heat would melt it - and clever stone work. These are the shops and restaurants/pubs in Hogsmeade.

Other than noticing the shops and the castle, a great scarlet steam train on a railway track is placed to the right of the entrance where a conductor is happily awaiting to speak to you! Amazingly the train will surprise you as it will occasionally puff out steam from its chimney!

The shops on the left in the village of Hogsmeade are Zonkos the joke shop where you can purchase all kinds of practical jokes. You may notice some products which they mention in the books or see in the films. The next shop along is a sweet shop called Honey Dukes Sweet Shop. You must visit this extraordinary shop as you will find the most bizarre candy you have ever seen, selling candy floss in funky shapes, chocolate frogs, Berty bots every flavour beans and more. A red wagon in the middle of the cobbled street sells Butterbeer. This made up drink is not actually alcoholic but it’s a refreshing fizzy drink made from club or cream soda, butterscotch syrup and butter, and topped with butter cream, it can be micro waved or served cold. This can be purchased at any bar in the Harry Potter World, be sure to try Pumpkin Juice which is refreshing too.

Looking to the left, as you pass this wagon, is the ride Dragon Challenge, used to be know was Duelling Dragons.

The queue times are incredibly short from 10-15 minutes which is mainly how long it takes to board. There are lockers for your belongings which are located by the train. As you queue, you go past Mr Weasley’s Ford Anglia which will beep at you, next you enter inside the “Champions tent” where fast passed separate. Continuing in the regular queue line you see the cup in which the names are chosen to compete in the competition. Through the tent you see a bed and a lamp for resting, and you go on to walk around The Goblet of Fire! You enter a cave where there are hundreds of hanging candles, then walk through a twisty and winding path, which can be dark! You hear the sound of dragons building up your excitement. You reach a stage where you can go on two different tracks, used to be known as Ice (blue track) and Fire (red track). Each track is identical but in my opinion I prefer the red track. You will be assigned a row unless there isn’t a long queue line, there is a separate line for the front row which I would recommend. The carts are hanging so your feet have a breeze! Once on the ride your cart and the other colour cart with leave the station at the same time and will transport upwards. The tracks separate on a winding path, corkscrews, loops twist and turns, the ride unfortunately comes to end but leaves you in an adrenaline rush!

Olivia Taylor – Aged 15

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