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Animal Encounters :

Habitat Habit! :

Once you commence this trek, you are taking the first important steps to learning how humans and the way we live our lives can effect the delicate balance of nature, not only throughout the world, but as close to home as your own back yard. Educational, thought provoking and fun for animal lovers everywhere.

Maharajah Jungle Trek® :

This mesmerising foot trek takes you deep into the lush green heart of the Anandapur Royal Forest of South East Asia, where you will encounter, amongst the labyrinth of ancient and mystical temple ruins, such magnificent specimens as tapirs, giant bats, Komodo dragons, stunning tigers and much much more. This adventure is as big as it gets !!! t Asia

The Oasis Exhibits :

A veritable Garden Of Eden awaits you and entices you to spend time amongst the rich dazzling flora and fauna, creating exactly the right mood for your continued journey into the other adventures that the Animal Kingdom holds in store. An idyllic place to relax, unwind and mentally prepare for the excitement of the day ahead.

Pangani Forest Exploration Trail® :

Venture deep into the African forest on a journey of discovery that brings you up close and personal with dazzling tropical birds, stunningly beautiful fish, imposing Nile hippos, cute and cuddly meer cats (look out for Timon !) and a whole host of incredibly stunning animals, including an amazing, not to be missed, family troop of free roaming gorillas. This is one attraction that could make you go seriously ape !!!

The Affection Section :

When you’re a child, every animal seems cute and cuddly, but not all of them are perhaps as amiable as they appear. Thankfully though, in the Affection Section of the Animal Kingdom there are a whole host a genuinely friendly creatures for your children to pet, play and interact with safely. The cast of willing volunteers including, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs and a daily rota of special “guest” animals will all vie for your love and attention, but before you fall under their spell, remember that despite any rash promises you make, you’ll never get a llama in your hand luggage !!!

Conservation Station® :

At the heart of Disney’s Animal Kingdom philosophy is education and animal conservation, which is what makes the Conservation Station® such a cool place to visit. Through interactive exhibits, demonstrations and live shows, you get a peak into the little known realities of the animal world, and learn invaluable, but fun lessons in how each and every one of us can help preserve the wonders of nature for future generations.

Discovery Island™ Trails :

A gentle stroll through the lush garden pathways of this attraction brings you face to face with a myriad of hilarious and quirky creatures, such as cotton-top tamarind monkeys and lemurs. A fascinating and fun experience which demands that your video camera is fully charged and chock full of tape, ensuring that you don’t miss a second of these riotous creature’s antics.

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