Harry Potter World at Universal Islands of Adventure from an Unbelievers Point of View

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Harry Potter World at Universal from an Unbelievers Point of view.

They drove me mad, the kids, my wife, my oldest sons girlfriend, I have never been a subscriber or fan of the Harry Potter thing and I really wasn’t interested in visiting the newly opened Harry Potter World at Universal Islands of Adventure theme park but, it was either take them or be sent insane with their constant harping on about it, so I stepped up to the plate, girded my loins, strapped everything in and went for it. The queues where horrendous but that was only to be expected with all the hype that surrounds this “phenomenon” and we waited and waited, and this was just to get in.

Anyway, we eventually got into that part of the park and whilst I must say that I am still not, and never will be a fan, I was very impressed with what they have done there, particularly they way that they have built the castle to look like it has been built on top of a cliff, it’s very realistic.

There are the expected rides there which again doesn’t interest me but does the wife and kids and of course the ever present retail opportunity. Lots of kids walking round with witches brooms and a shop where the wand picks you , I must say the Americans know how to make the most out of any retail opportunity.

Anyway, I was dragged round with all of the fervour that insane people can muster by all of my family, and one of somebody else’s, to the rides and shops, which I must say that you had also to queue for but begrudgingly was worth it when you did get inside, waiting for members of our party to go on the rides that they wanted to try and finally in the queue for the Butter Beer.

I have to say that if you do go to Harry Potter World, you must give this a try, in my opinion, the frozen one is better than the non frozen one.

Anyway, even though I begrudgingly got carried along in the vortex that my family created in their rush from one point to the next within this section of the park, and although as I said, I am not, and never will be a fan of Harry Potter, I must say that overall I am very impressed with the way that Universal has created this world, I am told by my wife that it is just like the descriptions in the books.

Would I visit again? If the kids wanted to, there is plenty for me to do and admire while they are doing their thing. Is it worth a visit? Almost certainly yes whether you are a fan or not.

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