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You can see the Incredible Hulk for miles around but when we entered Islands of Adventure we could hear it before we actually saw it. We could hear the noise of the coaster rushing along and the screams of the riders……..Then we looked up and gulped as we saw the twists and turns and corkscrews of the huge, imposing, green ride . One of us thought “Fantastic, this looks absolutely brilliant, I can’t wait!!” The other one (me) thought “I think I’ll give this a miss, I’ll just wait here and hold the bags.” So, my report does not come from actual personal experience, but from hearing all about how just how fantastic it is!

The ride starts with a queuing area which takes you through the laboratories of Dr Bruce Banner, which are full of high tech equipment and gadgets. As you go through you learn about the gamma-ray experiment which went a little bit wrong, meaning that Dr Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk. Once through the queuing area you can choose to join either the line for a seat at the front of the ride, or the line for a seat elsewhere. Then you take your seat, fasten yourself in with the shoulder restraints and wait for the excitement (or terror, depending on your point of view!) to begin.

As your train leaves the station, it moves forwards slowly into the Accelerator Tube for a few seconds, and then, WHAM! you are blasted forward, uphill through the tube at about 40 mph until you shoot out facing the sky. Immediately you come out of the tube, the tracks twist sharply round giving you a feeling of weightlessness. The intense ride continues with turns, loops, dips, climbs and corkscrews, all of which barely give you time to catch your breath before you are into the next thing. In total there are seven inversions during the course of the ride, which reaches a height of 110 feet. You probably won’t notice as you speed along, but part of the ride is over water, and on two occasions you go through underground trenches.

From my position, on a comfortable, motionless bench, the ride does look breathtakingly exhilarating. It is certainly not for the faint hearted, or wimps of any kind. You need to be a coaster lover to enjoy this. You also need to be at least 54 inches tall to ride on it, and the usual restrictions about pregnant women and sufferers of back or neck pain apply.

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