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I am not normally a great fan of the water rides at the theme parks in the UK as you either get wet and don’t dry out, or the ride is not that good. In Florida you don’t have that problem (the weather is very good) and the water rides are great. My favourite water ride has to be Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge – Rat Barges located at Universal Islands of Adventure.

The ride is a raft type ride that can hold up to 10 people per barge. The main aim of this ride is to get you all soaking wet.

You first start off by winding through a dockyard while you wait to board the barge, this is all part of the ride and ensures that the time goes quickly. We have been on this ride in Both Jul and Nov and have never queued more than 45 minutes. I must say going on this ride in Jul is really good as it cools you off!

Once you are on the ride you are put into your seat by the attendant and then wait for the off. Looking at the first drop the barge is moving around and it is down to pot luck who gets wet first. This always brings a laugh from the people onboard and makes everyone feel part of a team. I have got on this ride before and got off knowing everyone sat around me.

Once you get set off you move your way through a set course of turns and drops. The ride is a lot faster and a lot bumpier than any other water ride in Florida. This ride is 10 times faster than the river rapids at Animal Kingdom. As you make your way down the course you go through sections where the water is a lot quieter, don’t be fooled by this as people are on hand to get you wet by firing water jets at your raft. This really adds to the overall ride in my view. The not knowing who will get wet adds to the ride experience.

The best part of the ride has to be the part when you go through Bluto’s car wash. As the name says you all get very wet at this point and as it goes uphill. Once you get to the top you are then dropped at a fast rate of knots down to the end of the ride.

On this ride you need to be very lucky to not get wet, I have been on it many times and not ever got off it not wet.

Overall I would rate this as the best water ride I have ever been on, it is well designed and is fun for all the family. It really does get everyone involved and no one gets away unscathed! !

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