The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – (part 2) The Village

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After our Hippogriff ride, we double checked the queue for The Forbidden Journey and decided to abandon the thought of sampling the ride that morning, as the queue size had trebled and the ride had still not opened. This was a real disappointment, but all was not lost – we resolved to return that evening and join the queue, however long it might be.

So next on our list was a leisurely stroll, taking in the delights of the HP Village. The village is fabulous, with the snow-covered roofs of the higgledy piggledy shaped houses with wonky chimney stacks. Most of the family have read the Harry Potter books and it was a delight to spot signs and shops referred to in the books, and there were so many photo opportunities that my kids kept telling me to “get a move on” as I was continually stopping to photograph the scene, and once or twice I lost them in the crowd that was starting to stream into the park. We checked out Honeydukes Sweet Emporium, which had Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans bedecking their window display and were also on sale inside. We spotted some chocolate frogs and lots of old-fashioned types of sweets which you don’t easily find in stores nowadays – I was in heaven and could have spent a fortune on buying candy. I was dragged out eventually to go see The Owl post office, with caged owls in the windows. Our two boys were drawn to Zonko’s Joke Shop, and had a great time checking out the items on sale. We wanted to also visit Ollivander’s Wand Shop, but there was a fairly large queue waiting to be allowed inside, so we reluctantly gave this a miss, as the crowds were getting very heavy indeed and we still wanted to see more of the village.

We passed the Three Broomsticks Inn and the Hog’s Head Pub but it was a little early to try them out. The stand selling Butterbeer was very popular and we resolved to taste one on our return later on.

There were so many things to catch my eye, and it was topped off with a full-size version of the Hogwarts Express, with the opportunity to have your photo taken with the train driver. There was also the chance to have your photo taken with the visiting quidditch teams, but again the queue was very large.

With my picture-snapping fest over and the kids declaring that it was getting too crowded, we left the park, determined to return later that evening ………….

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